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Ser L. reviewed Vikingo's Butcher Shop

Este lugar ya no existe

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Ruben R. reviewed Farmacias Similares - Tijuana 45

ese telefono es de fax

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Jorge F. reviewed Cafe de la Flor - Chapultepec

Caro y nada especial.

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Priscilla created Celtics pub
Es un lugar unico con una terraza imprensioante ademas de ser uno de los pubs numero 1 en todo México.
Adam "El Tigre" G. created The best restaurants in Mexico...
The Daily Meal recently posted a list of the 25 best restaurants in Mexico. Of these, several are located right here in Tijuana!
Andrea N. created Saturday Walk through Downtown
A list of downtown places to check out, on foot, on a Saturday.

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Marco P. reviewed Giuseppi's

Giuseppi's has to be the city's icon when it comes to Italian Restaurants, i remember going as a child to have their delicious plain cheese pizza i use to love there Sicilian style pizza sauce,now that my palate has become more demanding with age,i still love their pasta dishes and lasagna, and do not forget to order for desert their creamy and tasty flan napolitano, all their locations are clean and good quality, i love the decor of all the locations i been to,i love to see the tons of Chianti bottles hanging from the ceiling in the Agua Caliente location,the one i prefer to go to ...enjoy!

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