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Nataly reviewed Las Pulgas

la verdad es el mejor lugar para bailar! la música que ponen muy bien.. no como en otros night club que las ponen después de las 12, y aparte se presenta mucho artista y atienden bien los meseros, Me encanta!!!!

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Paco V. reviewed Las Alitas

Excelente servicio, la comida estaba buena, los tragos más o menos y estaba un poco caro. Con mi esposa y dos niños pequeños pagamos $470

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Jaime P. reviewed El Turco

good food, pricey but worth it.

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Priscilla created Celtics pub
Es un lugar unico con una terraza imprensioante ademas de ser uno de los pubs numero 1 en todo México.
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Andrea N. reviewed Moustache

One of the only cool bars left on 6th street. The beer is well-priced and comes in a super heavy, hard to carry jar. So, if that is what you are looking for, it is perfect.

There are often good dj's playing or local bands, which play outside in the back patio area. BUT, when there is not live music, expect to be inundated by an "indie cesspool" - think 311 meets Sublime. Apart from that it is a cool bar to check out, especially if there is an event. It is small, so expect a crowd.

You will feel totally out of place if you are much over 30.

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