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Adam "El Tigre" G. reviewed Tandoor Sabor de la India

This is the only Indian restaurant I know of in Tijuana. I'm super excited there is a place to get Indian food now. I'm doubly excited that they have lots of vegetarian options.

When you go here, they have it set up as a small buffet. They have 7-9 dishes and most of them are vegetarian. The flavors/spices are good and the food doesn't seem to buttery or oily like some Indian buffets.

Since there really isn't anything like this in Tijuana, I'm super excited that they opened. I hope that they get lots of business and can expand to have a full menu.

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Brian P. reviewed Tacos El Franc

Most delicious tacos I ever had in my life.

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Damon reviewed Chan's Cuisine

Loved this place the beautiful restaurant. I had the pork ribs and Mongolian beef is was excellent. Can't to go back to try more of the menu.

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Marco P. reviewed American Cafe

I was on my way to have breakfast to EL YOGURT PLACE when this little beach cafe caught my eye,so I decided to check it out fearing disappointment however I was in for a surprise, the owners an American guy from So Cal and his wife from Oklahoma take care of this little place that has great tasting home made American food,their breakfast dishes are not only generous, but the food is great tasting, and you can't beat the view! Right in front of the beach, I could say a lot more about this place but it is better if you discover it by yourself, I don't want to spoil all the fun,let me just say that I was so pleased of the food,service and price of my visit that I promise the owner I would write this review that I am glad to share with everyone..Enjoy!

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