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Alex reviewed T.G.I. Friday's

Este lugar está súper tienen un muy buen chef Los desayunos están riquísimos la atención es de 10 La verdad lo recomiendo ampliamente

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Andrea M. reviewed Beaven Pasteleros - Playas

Muuuuy ricos!! Recomendados!

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Andrea A. reviewed Lat 32

Muy agusto para pasar una tarde con una buena compañía para charlar

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Karla "Karla" P. reviewed La Corriente Cevicheria Nais

This is one interesting place, from the original dish names, to the stupendous food they serve, to the cozy little bar next door. This place is a must visit and possibly a regular spot in TJ. The tostadas are amazing, well marinated fish and great flavors. The tacos are a good remake of the originals. Prices are decent and you should try the mezcal drinks they have at the bar next door , El Tinieblo, the mint one is quite interesting, although I don't think it will get you pass the DUI checkpoints :) Reasonably priced. Definitely a must try for any local or visitor have a late dinner and then skip over to the bar to listen to an up and coming DJ.

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