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Adam "El Tigre" G. reviewed Tandoor Sabor de la India

This is the only Indian restaurant I know of in Tijuana. I'm super excited there is a place to get Indian food now. I'm doubly excited that they have lots of vegetarian options.

When you go here, they have it set up as a small buffet. They have 7-9 dishes and most of them are vegetarian. The flavors/spices are good and the food doesn't seem to buttery or oily like some Indian buffets.

Since there really isn't anything like this in Tijuana, I'm super excited that they opened. I hope that they get lots of business and can expand to have a full menu.

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Brian P. reviewed Tacos El Franc

Most delicious tacos I ever had in my life.

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Damon reviewed Chan's Cuisine

Loved this place the beautiful restaurant. I had the pork ribs and Mongolian beef is was excellent. Can't to go back to try more of the menu.

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Genaro V. reviewed G. Salinas Vinos de México

G Salinas is the best place in Tijuana to buy wines from Valle de Guadalupe and craft beers from Tijuana and the rest of Mexico. Gilberto and his son Beto are almost always there and are very knowledgeable about their product. Dad is the wine guy and Beto is the beer expert. They have the best selection in wine and craft beer. I will focus more on the beer because..well, I'm a beer guy. They carry the best TJ and Baja beers like Border Psycho, Insurgente, Cucapa and Agua Mala and Siete Barrios, Teufel, Calavera and more from the rest of Mexico. G Salinas also has beer tastings (free!!) every Friday from 4 to 7 PM and are about to open a new store in Colonia Cacho.

If you are looking to buy Baja wines or craft beer G Salinas is the place to go.

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