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Bar Hong Kong

2 reviews
Bar Hong Kong in Tijuana, Mexico

Category: Adult

Neighborhood: Zona Norte

Calle Coahuila 2009,
Zona Centro,
Baja California,
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From the Owner

The best tourist bar and strip club in Tijuana. Open 24 hours.


This is a Mexican Gentleman's club. Anything goes pretty much. Just bring money and expect to see and do things not possible in the US. People's preferences are highly culture specific. Women from Mexico frequent this place too, although not as much as men. Women from the US will probably hate this place.

Overall, it's the most upscale gentlemen's club in the Red Light District, with a good proportion of gorgeous girls to non-attractive ones. NOTE: there is an attached luxury hotel.

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Oooof.. where to begin?

This is one of the most bizarre places in the city (the world?). It takes sexploitation to a whole new level. If you are easily disturbed, do not go.

I have seen some of the weirdest scenarios ever here. If you can picture the final scene of 'Requiem for a Dream' plus shaving cream, then you are probably on the first floor. There are several levels to this monster, each more whacked out than the last. A total circus of Asian-themed ill-repute.

I would not (publicly) recommend it to anyone.

However (and this is a very small 'however) after 2am, when most bars close and stop selling alcohol, Hong Kong keeps going. You would probably be best suited though, at this point, to just go home.

They do not make water hot enough to fix that feeling that it leaves you with. Icky, icky, icky... it cannot be unseen.

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