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La Mezcalera

4 reviews
La Mezcalera in Tijuana, Mexico

Category: Bar

Neighborhood: Zona Centro

Calle Sexta #8267,
Zona Centro,
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The best of what's left of the 6ta scene.

This place was the "place to be" back in 2009-2011 great local Dj's used to use it as a testing ground for new tracks and hang out, you just always knew good music was waiting for you and the people that you were going t find there was typically EDM lovers so it was an easy fit. Of course this was when the likes of Steve Aoki, Simian, Mobile Disco and some other great dj's used to come to Tj's 6ta venues.

Now a days, you can hope to have a chilled time and relax while listening to some cool music MOST of the time (not always). And reminisce on the good old days. While the crowed is some-what mixed with walk-ins and some lost people that don't know wtf they are doing there.. which will make you laugh so it's all good.. I think

For all those new comers and have just discovered this... you missed a hell of a party!

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I just recently discovered La Mezcalera. Even though it's a place mostly for 18 to 35 year olds, I felt very comfortable because the owner takes care of you personally. He's very nice and I ended up trying mezcal for the first time. DELICIOUS!! The service is quick and the area where they play music is separate from the area where they seat people who want to talk. Great people. The second time I went was with a friend from outside TJ and she loved it too. I recommend it, but if you're going to go, have a designated driver, because the mezcalitos are a bit too strong and you're not going to be able to drive.

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The drink selection is pretty cool, mezcal is one of the best mexican drinks, and of course the ambient is awesome

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Large selection of mezcals at reasonable prices and a good drink selection.

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