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Matryoshka Russian Restaurant - CLOSED

1 review
Matryoshka Russian Restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico

Category: International

Neighborhood: Playas

Av. del Pacifico 437,
Sec. Monumental,
Playas de Tijuana,
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Has english menus


I believe this place closed down a little while ago. They were ok, nice try at authentic Russian food that went bad. Not sure if it was the mexican cooks trying to do something they did not get or the presence of a parasite administrator who didn't know a thing about Russian culture and food. The owners were a nice young couple fromo Russia, not sure what they were doing here, but surely they gave it a try. I could see their downfall coming since the first day I set foot here, where they had Salsa Valentina on the tables...then they started selling tacos de pescado...I guess it all went downhill from there. THis place would have worked better in zona rio or somewhere else, where the foodie culture could get to it and really appreciate the food...contingent on these guys being able to cook it...

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