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Ojos Negros Enoteca and Cafe

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Ruiz 105,
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From the Owner

Enoteca y barra de vinos de Bodegas San Rafael - vinícola ubicada en el Valle de Ojos Negros. Venta de vinos por copa, jarra, botella asi como quesos del mismo Valle, pizzetas y crostinis para degustar.


I ordered a goat cheese, pesto and cranberry crostini, it also had arugula and pistachios. The crostini was made with a long piece of flat, perfectly toasted bread. This is apparently a best seller and is regularly on the ever changing menu.

I also ordered an asparagus, goat cheese and bacon marmalade crostini. This is not quite on the menu but the chef was nice enough to edit an existing menu option so I could try this combination.

I really liked both of these and ended up ordered a second of the goat cheese, pesto and cranberry option. I would have ordered a second asparagus one too but I thought it would take too long to cook. They were super, SUPER good! If I hadn't eat so much food that day already, I would have ordred more crostini options.

I also had a house sangria which was pretty good.

The store is very nice and is a calm oasis, literally, in the middle of the giant tourist bars. I really hope they continue to do well.

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This place is associated with one of the local wineries and is owned by Hussongs. The food here is top-notch. We ordered several of the flatbreads and one of the pizzas. Everything was light, delicious and clearly prepared by people who care a lot about food. We talked to some of the people who worked there and they talked about how long they spent experimenting and perfecting some of the dishes.

This is a great place to go to avoid the bar scene and have some really great good in a nice, relaxed environment. It's a great date spot.

They custom made this cheese and asparagus "pizza" flatbread for me because I am a vegetarian.  It  was really delicious with their special chile sauce drizzled on it.. Ojos Negros Enoteca and Cafe in Ensenada, Mexico
The flatbreads are really amazing.  They are really, really good.. Ojos Negros Enoteca and Cafe in Ensenada, Mexico
Enjoying the sangria. Ojos Negros Enoteca and Cafe in Ensenada, Mexico
This is all you can see from outside. Ojos Negros Enoteca and Cafe in Ensenada, Mexico
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