Search (cafe, La Diferencia, etc) Platform API for Developers

Add accurate, up-to-date location information to your application


Make your application come alive

Show your users what is around them. The Platform API allows you to browse and search businesses and landmarks and use the results in your application.

Unmatched Data Accuracy for Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada (more cities soon!)

The Platform API gives you access to the same location database that powers Our location data is manually compiled and checked for accuracy. We update our database constantly, so you can trust our location data to be the most accurate currently available. We know that bad data is often worse than no data at all.

Easy integration

Whether you use our Ruby client library or you access our REST API directly from your favorite programming language, using the Platform API is easy and fun! Check out our documentation on the right to get started.

What information can I get from the platform API?

  • Search for businesses and landmarks by location, keywords, category, or features offered.
  • Get tons of information about each business including address, map location, phone number, features they offer, times they are open, and much more.
  • Get access to pictures of businesses and landmarks uploaded by our users.

Example uses of the Platform API

  • Building an application that lists homes for sale? Show users what restaurants and stores are near each home so they can better decide where they want to live.
  • Building a website for a food delivery service? Use our database to show users which restaurants are closest to their house (ordered by distance).
  • Building a social network? Use our location information to make it easy for users to search for and post about their favorite places in the city.
  • These are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless! Platform Documentation


Use the Platform API to add accurate location data to your application.

Get your client id

A unique client id is required to use the Platform API.

Ruby API client library

Integrate location data with your Ruby/Rails application in minutes.

REST API Documentation

Access the Barrio Platform REST API directly with any programming language.

Categories, Cities, and Neighborhoods

A list of categories, cities, and neighborhoods that can be used as filter values when accessing the Platform API.

Questions? Need help?

If you have any questions about Platform, don't hesitate to contact us.